Terms of use

The app Thermometer Direct is free and offers optional in-app purchases. The installation and use of this app implies acceptance of these conditions without restrictions. Please do not install or run this app without accepting these terms.

Key features of the app
The mobile application makes it possible to consult the meteorological temperature of the ambient atmosphere, of the air corresponding to a precise geographical position. With his explicit agreement, the user can be geolocated by the application (latitude, longitude coordinates). The application then communicates this position to an api of openweathermap.org, which sends back an estimation of the weather temperature at that moment.

Main features of the application:

  • Actual Temperature corresponding to your exact position and in real time.
  • View the temperature in degrees Celsius and in Fahrenheit
  • Make or choose a picture and put in on the background
  • Quick and accurate
  • Available in many languages
  • An Internet connection is required to retrieve the calculated temperature from the servers.

The user can purchase/subscribe options to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Removal of advertisements.

Smartphones and touch tablets do not contain a temperature sensor or probe or a temperature measuring instrument. This is why this application cannot be used as a device for taking temperature measurements with or without contact.
It cannot replace a medical thermometer, a baby thermometer, an ear thermometer, a forehead thermometer, a kitchen or cooking thermometer, an infrared thermometer, a digital or electronic thermometer.
This application does not measure atmospheric pressure and does not contain mercury. It is also not a thermal camera.
It is therefore strongly advised not to place your smartphone or tablet in your refrigerator, in your freezer, in any orifice (mouth, etc.).

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